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This community is a work in progress. The plan here is to create something for novice and seasoned writers to come to when they need advice, would like to give advice, and so on. What you'll find here are:
  • Writing prompts: working writers write. These prompts will help you keep arthritic quill at bay.
  • Advice: is there something about the industry you're itching to talk about? Please share it with the group.
  • Markets: markets will be posted periodically. All markets posted here are current at the time of the posting and, if it doesn't become to choatic, will be removed after deadlines have passed. Please share market information with the group as often as you can.
  • Cover letter samples: we all have winning cover letters that have earned us either or first sale or our best sale. Please share them with the group. Also, if you're a submissions editor, please share examples of poorly constructed cover letters.
  • Books: from time to time, book reviews will be shared that relate directly to the writing world. If you know of (or have read) a "MUST READ," please share it with the group. Advertising is fine, as are selling links. (we are all here to earn, one way or another)
  • Tools: we all need tools to do our job and do our job well. What are you using? What have you found? What is it you can't live without? Share!
  • This is not a critique community. There's enough of those on here as it stands. If you have a community you'd like to advertise, please keep it writing related. If you'd like to have a particular community advertised in this information section, simply make a request. The goal here is to provide a well-rounded resource for everyone and that includes related communites. Please spread the word. Let's work with each other in as many ways as we can.
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